What is a healthy lifestyle?

Human health and well-being depends on his lifestyle. What can be done to improve the state of health and being in good shape? And what is meant by a healthy lifestyle?

It is considered that in the most General sense, a healthy lifestyle is an adherence to certain rules. This adherence to a set of recreational activities, providing health promotion, increase efficiency. Speaking more concretely, the notion of HLS is commonly understood as the optimal mode of the motor, hygiene, nutrition, conditioning and so on, If you follow the measures for disease prevention, it is not necessary to seek medical care and treatment of various diseases, because the disease is easier to prevent than to treat.

From an early age should strive to lead an active way of life, carry out hardening, physical activity, are required to comply with hygiene rules. Healthy sleep, rational balanced diet, sufficient physical activity activates the body's regenerative processes and results in improved quality of life. We should also tell about bad habits. A healthy lifestyle involves their absence. The man who leads a healthy lifestyle voluntarily waives Smoking, alcoholism, overeating and other addictions. It is very important for the prevention of many diseases. For example, Smoking can lead to the development of diseases such as ulcers, asthma, diseases of the cardiovascular system. Alcoholism leads to the breakdown of mental functions, for violation of the control mechanisms of the psyche.

That way of life could be called healthy, you need to give up too much watching TV, eating heavy and fatty foods. Also, one should try to avoid stress. HLS includes an active way of life are sports, reading good books, including those relating to the prevention of diseases. Try to find some hobby that can bring you positive emotions. In addition, it is very important to learn to enjoy life - to get acquainted with interesting people, good weather, success in work and study. Learn daily to feel happy. In fact, for happiness it is necessary not so much. It is the health of their loved ones, good job, good friends.

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