What happens to the female body in the first weeks of pregnancy?

If women wish in the near future to become a mother, it is a huge responsibility belongs to those sensations that appear in her first weeks of pregnancy. The mother closely monitors the behavior of its own body, seeks to recognize for any signs of the emergence of new life.

There are two pregnancy: obstetric and true. If the first measured from the first day of menstruation, the second day of conception. What happens to the female body immediately after conception and in the first weeks of pregnancy?

The first 7-10 days after conception, the fertilized egg moves to the place where then will develop in the fetus. If it will not attach to the walls of the uterus, the pregnancy does not occur. Menstruation arrives and the woman doesn't even realize that was the conception.

If there has been the introduction of the uterus the egg, it begins to form the placenta and the umbilical cord. In this case the body treats the embryo as a foreign body and tries to push him away, not to give to gain a foothold.

Successful implantation of the embryo - the signal to start in the mother's body hormonal changes. It is the presence in the blood of women of HCG indicates pregnancy.

The main sign of pregnancy, of course, is to delay menstruation. But often the delay is determined when since the introduction of the embryo it's been 2 - 3 weeks. You can read more about what happens to the female body during pregnancy here.

Pregnancy in the first few weeks will help you recognize some of the signs:

• the emergence of 7-12 days after conception, minor bleeding;

• increased basal temperature and total temperature of the body;

• slight malaise, weakness, drowsiness, apathy, fatigue;

• tenderness in the Breasts;

• selection of colostrum when pressed on the halo;

• a feeling of heaviness in the pelvic area;

• tingling in the uterus;

• early toxicosis.

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If your plan was not pregnancy, then, in any case, it is possible to predict, for example, if there has been unprotected intercourse. Try to do everything in order not to harm the life that may have already formed within you.

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