What happens to expired products?

Known popularly "horror stories" about a kind of "recycling" food with expired large shops often are far from the truth. Retail chains and supermarkets give a second life to stale meat and cheese, revive sausage, are used expired dairy and bakery products. Not the first freshness of meat can be used in the barbecue. Marinated and topped with vinegar, it will not give its term. Aged cheese with cut mold, sellers again put on display. Sausage can rejuvenate, naderev it with sunflower oil.

Other stale food shops use in cutting into the packaged substrate. Packaging unscrupulous owners of retail chains perekleivat stickers. Sometimes, the product can be stored for 2-3 days, the shelf life is extended for a whole week. Animal waste is burned at specialized points. What can be recycled is fish or meat and bone meal, after which sold for animal feed.

Some retailers provide products that are not suitable for people in shelters for animals. The last heat treatment of meat and dairy and bakery products tuck cats and dogs. Dog shelters are delivered and meat confiscated from the markets. But beware! When buying meats, it is best to consult with the seller, who knows the time of packaging of the goods. In smaller shops, where not too much turnover, increases the risk of meeting stale food, compared with large retail chains, where the goods are cooking faster selling out.

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Often the stores you can see the promotional products that are sold with discounts up to 50%. So sellers want to sell goods from ending in a few days time. In order not to be trapped, it is necessary to read the shelf life of products. If it says "use before", another 3-5 days after the date the product is cooking you can eat. But after the date on the package marked "best before" the product is better already discarded. Experts sanitary-veterinary examination I assure you, eating a quality product even expired, the person may only suffer from diarrhea. The main infection, type of botulism or Salmonella, which can be found in fish, meat, or milk, are associated with the improper conditions of production, storage and transportation of goods.

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