What foods to avoid to lose weight?

Most women consider their shape is far from ideal and are constantly in search of a suitable diet. But the weight loss program is difficult to find the right and the diet in almost all cases not only help you lose weight, they provoke a slow metabolism, which in turn leads to weight gain. But how can that be? The answer is simple: avoid foods that contribute to weight gain. Excluding these products, at least for some time, you will quickly begin to lose weight. These products:

Sugary drinks

Sweet and fizzy drinks contain a lot of calories and cause the development of cellulite. If you want a toned body, then eliminate these drinks completely. Instead, drink natural fruit and vegetable juices, tea, coffee, clean water.

Products made from white flour

Not necessarily even eliminate flour. Eliminate only the products made from white flour and do not buy ready-made pastry. Instead, use products made from flour of wheat. These can be pasta, bread or pastries made with his own hands. Such flour and flour products can be found in any large supermarket.

Semi-finished products

In the semi-finished products add a lot of dyes, preservatives and fat. They contain a lot of calories, contribute to the accumulation of fat and harmful to health. Eliminate these foods from your diet and cook your own hands.

Fatty foods

If you want to lose weight, eat only healthy fats in small quantities: nuts (10-20 units per day), fish, cheese, olive oil. All other fatty foods, including dishes made with lots of oil, it is better to exclude from the diet.


Sugar and sugary foods such as chocolate, too many calories and carbohydrates. Eating too much sugar is simply impossible to lose weight. During your diet, try to avoid sugar in any form. Limit your serving candy fruit and honey.

Salted dishes

It is known that the salt retains fluid in the body, and excess liquid is overweight. Reduce salt intake and you will get rid of a couple of extra pounds.

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On the one hand it seems that without some of these products it is impossible to live. However, try to eliminate them from the diet for at least 1-2 weeks and you will see how your body started to change for the better. Without these products, your diet will only consist of natural food. In the new diet and add exercise, and then the process of losing weight will go even faster!

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