What equipment you can use at home?

Currently, various exercise machines for home use are sales leaders. Regular visits to the fitness center or a leisurely jog in the Park is fine, but as usual, then there is no time, the weather leaves much to be desired. In this case, the decision to purchase sport home trainer will be reasonable and proper to maintain good physical shape.

All kinds of simulators are divided into two categories:

- Cardio (to increase your endurance, improve the functioning of the respiratory and cardiovascular system).

- Weight training (to build muscle mass and overall strengthening of the body).

The most common are the following simulators for home:

1. Treadmill, treadmill. Can be mechanical or electrical, depending on the type of drive. Mechanical driven steps and stops when you stop to walk. Electrical works in the prescribed mode, and has many additional functions. Great with physical inactivity. Not recommended for people having serious problems with the spine or musculoskeletal system.

2. The elliptical trainer also includes cardio equipment and is divided by type of actuator. Here, unlike the treadmill, no shock loads on the spine, it is evenly distributed on all muscle groups. This provides a good effect to reduce body weight and improve blood flow.

3. The exercise bike. Cardio and aerobic trainer. Regular classes on it develop endurance and strengthen the cardiovascular system. Convenient to use at home because it occupies little space.

4. The stepper. A treadmill that simulates climbing stairs. Effectively strengthens the legs, feet and hips. When using it improves the function of the respiratory system and heart muscle.

5. The bench is equipped with a barbell, dumbbells or expanders, or all of these in combination. Refers to the power equipment. Helps to correct the figure, to give the physical strain on the muscle groups that are not "used" every day, in addition, use of power equipment is formed by the so-called "muscular corset" optimizing ultimately the load on the spine.

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Careful attention to their health, regular exercise will allow you to stay in good physical shape and good mood.

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