What does the neurologist?

What is a neurologist?

Neurology this branch of medicine, whose main objective is to study various mechanisms, as well as the reasons contributing to disease of systems of the human nerves. Naturally, the neurologist developing appropriate methods of treatment of such diseases.

What does the specialist neurologist?

Take a closer examine what does a neurologist. He diagnoses and treats diseases directly associated with the nerves of a person. These include a variety of neuralgia, every neuritis, different degrees of stroke, epilepsy, tumors in the brain, encephalopathy, and various circulatory disorders, very often seen in persons with brain disorders. It is quite remarkable that a significant number of these diseases are manifested simultaneously with the visible state changes of mentality and behavior of the patient, and this, naturally, requires the involvement of therapists or psychiatrists.

Pediatric neurologist

Children's neurology significantly different from the adult industry, thanks to the specific diseases. A significant number of chronic diseases, with a very heavy flow, usually occurs in early childhood. These include, for example, epilepsy. But the nervous system of young patients is very much different from those in adult patients, so naturally, it stood out as a separate branch of medicine. This approach seems logical, given the listed features.A lot of very interesting, so, what does a neurologist, because it costs more to explore this question. The reception of such specialist at the medical center CHTPZ implies survey addressed patient-specific clarification of complaints from him on health. The expert explains the specific circumstances that contributed to its treatment in our hospital. Parallel to the specialist collects history (exploring history), as well as carefully examining the patient. After consulting the specialist convincingly identifies the need for additional research to more accurately determine the condition of the patient. In particular, it is possible referral for MRI, is highly relevant for lesions of the nervous system. In conclusion, the expert, based on the examination and studies to determine the optimal treatment option for the patient.How does the treating neurologist, depends on the specifics of the disease and the individual characteristics of the patient. Some cases allow conservative therapy, and sometimes surgery is necessary. Specific treatment is always strictly individual.

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