What do doctors orthodontists?

In this modern age more and more people pay attention to the condition of their teeth. Healthy, beautiful teeth - is not only a pledge of sociability and compelling appearance, but also the key to the future health of the whole body, not just the mouth.

Orthodontists deal with issues of prevention and treatment of anomalies of the jaw apparatus. Orthodontics in dentistry focused on the identification, treatment and prevention of aberrations in the development of chewing-the vocal apparatus.

Modern orthodontics is divided into adult and child, although the last time the doctors become more versatile and can provide their services for both adults and children.

History of orthodontics nominally consists of many hundreds, if not thousands of years. Known documented cases of ancient healers themselves tried to replace the broken jaw, correcting the position of teeth.

With the development of the medieval Arab Caliphate was made a major breakthrough in medicine, including in rudimentary form of dentistry and orthodontics. The Arabs in the medieval era skillfully made dentures made of solid wood, removed crooked teeth, or unwrapped them at the correct angle, pre-softening the gum.

In Russia orthodontics became a separate science under the auspices of dentistry only in the eighteenth century, but its Golden age science has benefited abroad, namely in the United States. Flourishing in Russia orthodontic medicine and dentistry received only in the early twentieth century.

Orthodontics deals with questions of aesthetic appearance of the teeth and occlusion treatment with use of special braces, physiotherapy and surgery.

With all the anomalies of the jaws can be divided into the following categories: anomaly associated with the size of the jaws, anomalies associated with the position of the jaws in the skull, the anomaly correlation of the dental arches honey a, anomalies of the shape and size of the dental arches, the anomalies of individual teeth. All of these disorders involve rather extensive list of diseases, symptoms and their nomenclature, and effective methods of treatment. The treatment may be carried out clinical and paraclinical methods., including fluoroscopy and cephalometry.

Treatment in orthodontics quite a lengthy process, which may include a whole range of procedures such as dental and orthodontic.

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