What danger lies in gyms?

Many have a habit to visit the sports and fitness clubs, in order to keep fit. But few think about the dangers that await the visitor to the club.

In order to identify these dangers, scientists from the UK conducted a survey among 2000 respondents, and I must say, were stunned by the responses of the people interviewed about the rules of personal hygiene practices.

Three respondents out of four noticed violations of the rules of personal hygiene, and every second of four himself and broke: used someone else's towel or washcloth, and drank water from another bottle. Every third Respondent in training not wearing socks and do not use deodorant, and every fourth ready to throw a workout, after he noticed a strange sweat at the gym. Every fifth trains in protogenos condition. These violations lead to the spread of fungal diseases and influenza.

But do not despair, you can transfer your training to fresh air. Experts from the USA found that training outside the gym favorably affect the state of mind, not to mention physical health.

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Normal Jogging in the Park or a bike ride save people from depression and increase resistance to stress. And when visiting gyms don't forget about the observance of elementary rules of hygiene.

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