What cosmetic procedures cannot be done in summer

A number of measures to restore beauty is absolutely not compatible with hot weather. Strictly prohibited are cleaning the face, characterized by trauma, manual, microdermabrasion, Brassai. The effect will be short-lived, because in the summertime sebaceous excretions is intense, and the pores that have been diligently cleaned quickly become clogged with dirt and sweat. In addition, the sensitivity of the skin after cleaning procedures is greatly increased, and because of the hot sunlight on the face will be new red spots and inflammation. Before the procedure the doctor-cosmetician will talk about contraindications, but in any case it is better to know in advance what activities are possible in the summer, and which is not recommended.

Acid peels. To deprive of the upper layer of the epidermis in the summer is not recommended, because UV rays provoke the appearance of age spots. Plus the healing of the face is very slow, rehabilitation will be painful.

- Photoepilation and photorejuvenation. The presence of even the most minor sunburn is a contraindication for any light treatments. Reaction of the effects of high frequency light skin pigment can be burned.

Treatments using oils, for example, Shirodara. In the heat absorption oil is much worse, it clogs the pores. You should not use essential oils for facial care.

- To refuse, hot wraps and steam room also makes sense, because they create heart additional load, and this body, and so is the heat is not easy.

- Not compatible with heat treatments invasive nature Botox, biorevitalization, mesotherapy.

But do not rush to get upset, because there are a number of procedures that not only can, but ought to be taken during the summer months.

- Hydrotherapy, hydrotherapy is not only wonderfully refreshing, but also satisfy our longing for travel, swim in the sea. It is very important that in the summer there is virtually no risk of catching cold, which cannot be said about the winter.

- Cold wrap, for example, a flower or a weed. Not only that, the skin becomes more elastic and smooth - ease the suffering of the people of the varicose veins. However, this pleasure is not available to those who have inflammatory gynecological diseases.

- Ultrasonic cleaning. This method of cleaning pores is one of the most harmless and soft. It consists in applying to the skin a special gel, and then pulling contamination using ultrasonic nozzle. Effect lasts long, only a week or two, but the improvement of the complexion instantly, plus the way absolutely retraumatized.

- Body scrub. Here you can vary the salon with home - in any case, the skin will look nicer in the summer is very important.

- Lymphatic drainage massage, eliminating swelling, improving blood circulation and lymph circulation, is something that in the summer will not be superfluous. If you do 8-10 treatments, body shape significantly improved. In the heat of transudation more intensively, and now it's for the best, because after the massage the liquid will come out faster.

- Myostimulation. For 10-12 sessions, you can pull the figure, make the skin more elastic, to get rid of swelling. This method involves attaching to the body electrode, the supply of the pulse current, which makes it "magical" effects.

- Spa-capsule - integrated effects of massage, aromatherapy and soul Vichy.

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