What causes teenagers to use weapons? – response psychologists

A group of psychologists from the Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute, University of Texas at Dallas together with scientists from Johns Hopkins Children's Center conducted a survey of students grades 7-12 to determine what factors are pushing the children to use firearms. Together with a survey of modern children, researchers analyzed survey data 1990-ies. At this time a marked increase in violent crime.

The study showed that 13% of African Americans, 10% of children from Latin America and 7% white children from grades 7-12 at least once touched a firearm. The boys used a weapon in 2-4 times more often girls.

The main factors that push children to use weapons, they are dysfunctional family relationships, problems with drugs and alcohol. Scientists believe that the intervention of a psychologist and smoothing of the microclimate in the family should reduce the level of juvenile delinquency.

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