What causes depression?

If you are not delighted with your work, you are not alone. According to the latest survey, which was attended by 1,200 people, almost a quarter of workers around the world is experiencing depression at work. Moreover, only 12% of respondents feel optimistic.

What caused the trend to depressed state? Experts say that in case of instability of the economy. Employees face a constant overshooting. This creates a workforce that is more likely to avoid failure than to gain success.

There are a number of provocative stress factors that create negative sentiment, experts say. They published the list of causes of dissatisfaction from work:

Ignorance about the prospects

Only 14% of the respondents admitted that the company leaders inspire them. Workers have a much greater zeal to work and achieve success when they have a clear idea of the plans of the leaders of the company, their goals and perspectives. The specific objectives for the development of the company motivates employees to participate in achieving them.

Emotional dependence results

When a person feels well did his job, he feels positive emotions. But if too overestimate demand, he will often feel depressed. Bonuses and other rewards for good work can't be the only motivating factor. Employee need to find internal motivation because external cannot inspire constantly.

Fear of making a mistake

In a difficult economic situation, people tend to doubt yourself and work out of fear. This leads to the fact that man tends not to positive results and trying to avoid the negative. The authorities should pay attention to maintaining the morale of the team.

Among other causes of depression among workers was named dissatisfaction with the work as a whole. According to the survey, women are more prone to doubt yourself, and the men in the company.

The survey shows that society is not enough attention paid to the psychological mood of the workers. And because it directly affects the productivity of work.

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