What can cause a typo in the recipes of folk medicine

Late in the evening received a call on substation ambulance city of Kiev, the reason to call a team of two young women in an unconscious state in the same house and in the same apartment. Without thinking, Manager substation sends the call free specialized intensive care team.

The brigade arrived at the specified address after 10 minutes. Both young women recorded strong hallucinations, both were unconscious and tried to catch different animals, little devils and other evil spirits. The husband of one of the victims told the team that on the eve of the women decided to spend the prevention of atherosclerosis tincture of belladonna. Women read in the newspaper with the recipes of folk medicine about the miraculous effect of tincture of belladonna, its properties to "cleanse" the blood vessels from atherosclerotic plaques, only a small nuance lead to this consequence for health - typo in dose. These publications rarely looking at professional medical proofreaders, publishing to the dosage added an extra zero, which entailed serious consequences for health.

Women were taken to the Toxicological Department, where, after carrying out detoxification therapy it has returned to consciousness, and after a few days they were discharged from hospital.

The story told by the doctor ambulance suggests that any treatment should be coordinated with the attending physician.

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