What brain MRI

MRI is a very common method of medical examination, without which no cost, no serious diagnosis of the person. The sense of this method in detecting, using magnetic resonance imaging, tumors, changes in the structure of bone tissue and other problems in the body.

Using this type of imaging can determine the status of many organs, but we will devote this article brain MRI is one of the most important mechanisms for meaningful human life.

Let's start with the fact that checking the status of your own brain is important even for a healthy person. Why would anyone spend time on the survey, when nothing portends health problems? Actually, many factors of modern life tells a different story - people often do not notice, or did not give attention to the small bells of the body, however, the disease can progress without symptoms.

In order to get the direction to head examination using magnetic resonance imaging, initially you must listen to your body. Periodic headaches, back pain, loss of consciousness, memory, speech - all the obvious reasons for visiting neurologist (this doctor deals with problems with the functioning of the Central nervous system and brain).

Already at the reception, the doctor decides whether to issue the patient with a referral for an MRI, and if the decision is positive, the patient will undergo a simple procedure. Exactly tomography is the most informative method for determining the state of the brain. With its help you can create multiple x-ray images of the cerebral cortex and the brain in General, from all sides.

The reasons why the patient to a neurologist may be migraines, poor circulation, problems with blood vessels, cranial trauma, and tumors, including malignant. To determine, which of the following causes deterioration of a person without an MRI is not possible, as, for example, the common symptoms of migraine can be much stronger than cancer. Therefore, if a person begin any of the above symptoms, you need to undergo an MRI,

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The procedure itself is painless and requires only a quiet fixed position for a short time, which is very convenient for doctors and patients.

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