What are the most useful of porridge for children

At the beginning of the narrative, it is important to say that any mess is not the first complementary food for children. Their inclusion in the diet is only permitted after 3 weeks after you start eating all kinds of vegetables.

In General, healthy baby cereal a lot. However, the first three of the necessary kinds are buckwheat, rice and oatmeal. These cereals are endowed with a wide range of useful properties, you need to still not quite strong body.

Buckwheat clover is considered the most useful and nutritious, because it has high nutritional value and is not dosed by gluten.

Oatmeal contains this product, but mostly stands out among the other species of its dietary fiber and vitamins together with minerals.

Rice porridge enough enriched with starch. It has long been equated with diet dishes.

Semolina has very little need for the body of vitamins, salts and fiber. The only advantage of this type is easy digestibility in the stomach.

Millet grits has the best composition. She has the ability to process the body of all antibiotics.

Porridge can be dairy-free, and dairy. As for the second type, they are the most rich and enriched with beneficial vitamins. Milk can be a cow, a parent, from a dry mix. You can use ready-made cereals in boxes. Some children may have a reaction to dairy products, so it is necessary to consult specialists.

Corn milk porridge is an excellent option for baby food. First, it is useful, rich in minerals. Secondly, digestible in the body. Thirdly, like all kids.

Each of kas useful for people from birth to old age. Health workers have noted some positive aspects of these products:

1. Good effects on the intestine;

2. Eliminate constipation;

3. Copes with diarrhea;

4. Fully saturate the body's useful for all substances;

5. Invigorate and tone for the whole day;

6. Eliminate hunger;

7. Positively affect the skin, bones and hair.

Most children with appetite eat porridge, but there are those who carefully resist and rest. The reasons for this reaction can be neponravivshiysya taste of the product, no sweets, and Vice versa, the presence of lumps. To make the taste sweeter you can add fruit, berries. You can try to make more liquid PAP. And worth lure hidden in the candy dish.

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