What are panic attacks and how to deal with them?

Modern pace and style of life, often causes harm to the body. Not only physical, but also mental, moral and so on. The fact that this is an extremely bad effect on the nervous system, including the autonomic.

It is no secret that many people have experienced spontaneous phenomena that can be described as panic. Moreover, the peculiarity is the fact that there were no signs. Scientists have identified this syndrome, and gave him the definition of a panic attack.

Panic attacks suffer mostly women, but in men this condition is not uncommon. It should be noted that the first panic attack is the result of a vascular dystonia. Autonomic neuropathy caused by malfunction of the peripheral nervous system. As it happens? So as a violation of the tone is vascular in nature, their malfunction (contraction and relaxation), directly affect overall health. Because the vasculature soaked all the organs in the body, occur the following symptoms: fatigue, lethargy, dizziness, headache, shortness of breath, increased heart rate, palpitations, feeling of lack of oxygen and so on.

Panic attacks - this is a product that causes autonomic neuropathy. Basically, this condition is characterized by complete surprise. Suddenly, there is a feeling of intense fear, anxiety, feeling of shortage of air, reduces the sensitivity of limbs, sweat stands out (cold), also, the copious quantities of urine. These are the main signs of the disease. By the way, panic attack passes suddenly as it appears.

Many people think that panic attacks are not amenable to treatment. However, it is fundamentally not true. Naturally, the healing process is long, and also individually.

The primary method of treatment for panic attacks is prevention. You should respect the day, to be able to relax, not to abuse alcohol, tea, coffee, and tobacco products. The diet should be balanced, rich in vitamins and other micronutrients.

During the PA, you should try to relax, calm down. To begin breathing exercises (deep breath). There is a sense of fear - smile. Also, for relaxation, you should sit back, relax and gradually stretch all muscle groups and then relaxing them will help you learn to relax.

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