What apples are useful and how they can help to lose weight?

Juicy ripe Apple is the best choice for a light snack, which will help to relax from the hustle and important cases. There is a huge amount of apples of different shape, color and taste. Everyone will find what you need. Green, yellow, red, sweet, sour-sweet, sour! The unique taste of Apple many people associate with the taste of childhood. But not everyone knows that Apple is not only delicious, but also very useful product.

Eating apples helps to strengthen blood vessel walls, reducing the risk of formation of cholesterol in excessive quantities. If you regularly eat apples or Apple juice, you can expect to slow down the oxidation of cholesterol. It will not accumulate on the artery walls.

Useful to have apples on an empty stomach. Their pulp is rich in pectin, which is known for its bactericidal effect. They promote the removal from the tooth enamel unsightly plaque.

Inclusion in the daily diet of apples helps to normalize the digestive process. Pectins, cellulose and cellulose stop the growth of microorganisms and promote the excretion of toxic substances from the intestines.

If you eat two apples a day, the risk of developing a sore throat, flu or bronchitis will decrease significantly. With a cold mixture of honey, apples and onions, taken in equal proportions, will help alleviate the disease.

Eating apples helps to improve the immunity and improve the condition of the body in General, saturate it with minerals and vitamins, for many years to preserve good health.

You should not clean the apples peeled. It concentrated the maximum amount of vitamins. What not to do is to eat apples with sunflower seeds, which contain very dangerous hydrogen cyanide.

In addition to all other advantages, apples and even a great diet product. Apple diet allows you to get a great result without any harm to health. Fiber contained in apples, activates digestion and eliminate excess weight. Apples have no fat, so the use of these miracle fruits will not lead to excessive cholesterol.

In order not to disturb the intestinal flora, it is necessary to adhere Apple-kefir diet. It is better to choose a sweet varieties of apples. It will refuse to add a dish of sugar. In the diet should be alternated fresh and baked apples. The maximum daily intake of apples is 1.5 kg.

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Practicing Apple and Apple-kefir diet, you can maintain the perfect shape and health for many years.

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