Western people are programmed to eat junk food

According to a recent study by scientists from Aberdeen University in the field of DNA analysis, Western people are genetically predisposed to drink alcohol and eat junk food. Dr. Mackenzie Alasdair explains that these genes control the feeling of appetite and satiety. A special switch in the brain allows us to choose which product we would like to eat, if it is too strongly affects the brain, it is likely that we will want fatty foods and drink.

More weakly expressed these control switches in Asians, they are not as prone to such food and wine. As in the past during the cold European winters only strong drinks and fat-rich foods helped to successfully survive, thus, the Europeans have developed a genetic predisposition.

However, now times have changed, life expectancy has long stepped medieval 30-40 years and the alcohol and fatty foods became much more minuses than pluses.

However, moving into Europe, the Asians are not immune from obesity and addiction to alcohol, because physiology is only part of the mosaic.

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