Western diet can cause premature death

The Western diet that consists of foods that are high in sugar and fat can lead to premature death. This conclusion came the French scientists, a more detailed survey results are published on the pages of "American health journal". Study leader Dr Toshimi Akbarali together with colleagues tried to install the interconnectedness of diet with the process of physical aging.

This study was a large scale: at the time of the meeting, the experts examined the medical records 3775 men and 1575 women, which covered the period from 1985 to 2009 year. The aim of the analysis was the intention to determine the rates of chronic diseases and mortality. In addition, the scientists were able to ascertain what number of patients adhered to the recommendations regarding diet, which were provided by ASP (Alternate healthy eating index).

It should be noted that ASP is the index of how good is a diet, and it is designed to generate various recommendations regarding the power to fight heart diseases and diabetes. The results of the study found that those people who did not follow the recommendations ASP, and adhered to the diet of the Western type, which, as is known, consists of sweet and fried foods, processed meat, two times more at risk of early onset of death.

According to Dr. Akbarali, the impact of diet on specific diseases associated with age, has already been studied by previous research. Recent research has shown an integrated approach to the determination of the interconnectedness of diet and overall health in old age.

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