Well-fed children are less likely to achieve high positions at work - the scientists

Swedish scientists in the course of his recent research has established that excess weight is not only dangerous to human health. As it turned out, it prevents the achievement of high positions at work and impedes career growth.

Researchers conducted a survey of 150 thousand people and reviewed medical records. According to research, people who have suffered in childhood obesity, have to the adult years salary by 18% below the others.

Probably the point of insecurity and feelings of inferiority. In childhood self-esteem is formed and positioning in society. To deal with excess weight as quickly as possible, to maintain a sense of dignity and to form strong, healthy body.

Proven adolescents with obesity often encounter a lack of understanding, inability to establish contacts with their peers. Overweight children sometimes become outcasts, they scoff that interferes with a child in the future to fulfil their potential.

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