Weight problems are passed from the mother and from the father

As reported by The Times of India, subsequent problems with weight and metabolism are directly dependent on the weight of both parents. Scientists from the Research centre for reproductive health University of Adelaide say that the weight of the father, as the mother affects the future health of the offspring.

The data is based on the observation of the mice. Specially for this purpose were selected more obese rodents, which saw the signs of diabetes. As a result, their offspring at birth were passed all the symptoms, in the best case was detected only signs of predisposition. The most interesting was the fact that females have largely taken over all diseases and they appeared problems associated with overweight.

Today at conception and bearing of a baby most of the recommendations given to the mother, including in relation to excess weight. However, subject to identifying a person of the same regularities that in rodents and doctors will have to completely change the approach and give other recommendations for patients planning to have a child. Under these conditions, the father will have no less care of their health than mothers to future child was healthy.

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