Weight men directly affects its attractiveness

The main point of concern to the woman occupied with finding a partner, is the weight of the men. And so masculine facial features, as strong-willed chin and eyes with a squint, which seems to confirm the extreme testosterone, have to be content with second place. This provision is in correlation with the theory of the attraction of men who are holders of a strong immune response.

According to MSNBC, the University of Pretoria in its latest survey took the weight as the reference factor. Moreover, women do not always give masculinity priority in the appeal. Speaking of weight, the normal body shape in all cases is a sign of good health and immunity. And people who have large or very small weight, often pursue illness.

Scientists to test the importance weight for women photographed 69 Europeans, which was only his underwear. In addition, they measured the concentration of fat and testosterone levels. Owners of healthy weight were found 65% of volunteers, lack - 4%, extra - 30,4%. Also blood tests assessed the function of the immune system.

Next 29 women received these pictures. They were asked to evaluate the attractiveness of a person in the process of examining images of persons and phone Another independent group of 20 heterosexuals had to make an estimate of masculinity represented by men, and the other 14 women were supposed to determine the degree of obesity.

It turned out a weak immune response and less attractive person was in direct connection with obesity. At the same time, no immune response or the attractiveness of the figure or person not associated with masculinity. Best work-rate was only one - the weight of the person. He also influenced the concentration of testosterone.

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