Weight loss reduces symptoms of psoriasis patients

Clinical study of Danish scientists found that getting rid of a few kilos will help to improve the condition of patients suffering from psoriasis. The researchers came to this conclusion after recorded an improvement in the symptoms of psoriasis patients who have lost weight using a low calorie diet. However, they noted that the improvement of the quality of life for followers of a low-calorie diet compared to patients with psoriasis who have not lost weight.

Thin patients experienced less pain, less shy manifestations on the skin and feel happier. Thus, the obtained data set, how important is weight loss as part of a multi-stage treatment of psoriasis obese people. It should also be noted that under the psoriasis refers to inflammation of the skin that is caused by failure of the immune system, which leads to excessive cell growth.

In the scientific work of scientists from Denmark took part 53 people suffering from psoriasis and obesity at the same time. They were divided into 2 groups. 27 patients who were included in the first group followed a diet that is low in calories, and the rest of the patients included in the second group, continued to eat in the same volume, but healthy food.

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The study lasted for 16 weeks, and during all this time the volunteers were under the supervision of scientists and conducted questionnaires. During this time patients were lost 34 pounds of excess weight. After analyzing the obtained data, the researchers found that symptoms of psoriasis has decreased and the quality of life of patients with psoriasis has improved. This proves once again the benefits of getting rid of excess weight.

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