Weight gain varies traits of a person

A study conducted by the National Institute of health, found that the increase in body weight leads to changes in the personal qualities of the person. Earlier studies have already established the link between weight gain and change in character. For example, people who love to eat in society, good company, play sports and lead an active lifestyle. But single less and move more prone to overeating.

This time the experiment was conducted with the aim of establishing a feedback. The study lasted for 10 years and attended 1900 volunteers monitored by specialists to determine changes in their body mass. During the scientific work of scientists conducted 2 times psychological tests among participants, and questionnaires. It turned out that those people who are for a ten-year study period gained more than 10 percent of excess weight, become more emotional and unrestrained, compared with those who did not gain the extra pounds. However, scientists have found that weight gain does not give a person make decisions quickly, and to resist various temptations.

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