WEF 2011: analysis of the level of Health in Russia

7 September 2011 world Economic Forum has published a new rating of competitiveness of countries. The rating is also estimated level of Health by main indicators: life expectancy, infant mortality up to 1 year, the incidence of tuberculosis, AIDS, malaria, and adequacy of the Finance industry.

On the adequacy of funding programs to combat the epidemic of TB Russia was ranked 65 out of 142. Despite a middle position in the ranking of Finance programs, the incidence of tuberculosis was 106 per 100 000 population and it's already 91 place (Russia overtook China and Ukraine).

On the adequacy of programs to fight AIDS Russia 63 positions in the ranking follows Peru, Singapore and Korea. Incidence 106th place with a score of 1 per 100 000 population and the rating follows Mali and Mauritius.

The infant mortality rate in Russia was 11.1 per 1000 live births and is the 56th place in the ranking.

One of the saddest figures is the average life expectancy in Russia. It is at the level 68,9 years and is 99 position in the ranking. Centenarians - the Japanese live 14 years longer than the Russians.

Summarizing, in Russia, the average level of adequacy of Health care financing and there is still room to grow in quality.

This article uses data

from the official website of the world Economic Forum.

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