Wearing a Scottish kilt makes a man more fertile

In the article, which covers the results of the Scottish research scientists, and published in the Scottish medical journal, says that wearing a kilt men are more fertile.

Earlier studies have repeatedly established the fact that over the last 5 decades in the world noticed the downward trend in male fertility. One of the main reasons is tight-fitting underwear that three and a half degrees increases the body temperature in the groin, and also because it is not normal exchange of air. Scientists from Scotland reported that wearing a Scottish kilt without underwear solves this problem by creating ideal conditions in the male genital organs for the production of sperm. That is why the Scottish experts advise to wear kilts for the men who are going to conceive a child.

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According to one of the study authors Dr. Erwin Campania, there is scientific evidence that kilt makes a man more manly, as many women were literally fascinated by men in skirts. It should also be noted that modern Scots rarely wear a kilt, preferring to wear during weddings or other ceremonies.

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