Ways to remove warts

In recent years there have been various methods of treatment of warts. However, the universal cure from this disease is not found yet. The reason for this is certain strains of human papilloma virus that cause warts. None of the currently existing methods does not eliminate the virus. The effectiveness of the treatment averages from 60 to 95%. Often, relapse of the disease after the removal of warts. Removing the warts are many clinics and salons, such as Studio Esthetic, so you can ask for advice at your nearest cosmetic center.

Choosing a treatment method, you must consider the following factors: the type, number, location, size, and duration of existence of skin lesions.

Destructive removal methods are universal for all types of warts. Therefore, as a rule, they are chosen for treatment.

Electrocoagulation is still the most common method of treatment. On the wart affected by electric current, which leads to coagulation of the surrounding tissue. Formed after the procedure, the crust falls off after 7 days. Due to the fact that it is impossible to accurately determine the degree of penetration of the current into the tissue, after treatment, can be formed scars. This method is not used in plantar warts.

Surgical excision (removal) of warts is applied in the presence of extensive formations on the skin. This is a small operation that is performed under local anesthesia. The essence of treatment is to impose intradermal cosmetic seams. Usually after removing remain thin scars.

Cryosurgery is one of the safest and most effective methods. Liquid nitrogen is applied on the wart using a special applicator. Freezing time is about 30 seconds. This leads to activation of local immunity. Treatment steals up individually by a doctor and is 2 - 3 times with an interval of approximately 7 days.

Laser removal is the most modern method of treatment of warts. This method has high efficiency. The application of the laser leads to the evaporation of skin cells. Because the laser makes it possible to regulate the depth of effects on tissues, scars on the skin after the procedure do not remain. And another advantage is bloodless and painless method.

Chemical method of wart removal is rarely used. When applying a strong acid or alkali on the wart a high probability of damage to the surrounding tissue and infection.

You should not self-medicate. To find a suitable method of treatment can only by a qualified technician. Moreover, in the case of reappearance of the warts, you should carefully examine the entire body, especially the immune system. As this is one of the indicators of reduced immunity. Very often, when the normalization of the activity of the immune system warts usually disappear by themselves, without additional treatment. And the probability of recurrence of the disease in this case is close to zero.

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