Ways and methods of treating arthritis

As you know, arthritis is the inflammation of the joints. In this disease thinner articular cartilage, changes in the ligaments and joint capsule. If untreated, the joint may become deformed. To prevent this, the treatment of arthritis should be carried out promptly and efficiently, using a comprehensive approach. As soon as you feel discomfort in the joints, visit the doctor, rheumatologist. In order for treatment to be effective, you need to identify the causes of arthritis and its appearance.

What is the treatment of arthritis?

First of all, the use of antibiotics. If arthritis is an infectious character, then most likely, the doctor will prescribe a course of antibiotics.

Also arthritis treatment includes anti-inflammatory methods. During exacerbation of the disease, you must stop the inflammatory process. To do this, the doctor prescribes these drugs, which reduce inflammation and reduce pain (for example, the gel Diclofenac).

Arthritis is necessary to restore cartilage. This can be done with protective agents (e.g. Teraflex). However, be prepared for the fact that the recovery process will last for a very long time.

It should be noted that slightly reduce pain in the joint will help socks and mittens made of natural wool (perfect sheep or dog hair).

For some patients, the doctor prescribes the passage of mud therapy, heat therapy, massage, ultrasound therapy and magnetic therapy. Note that all these methods can be used only on prescription.

Arthritis treated with the help of physical therapy. During remission, a doctor appointed special exercises (this may be swimming or exercise in a supine position). Data therapeutic exercises should not cause discomfort or pain.

To stop the destruction of joints by following a certain diet. In the diet of the patient should contain antioxidants and vitamin E. For this you need to eat vegetables, fruits, salmon, herring, walnuts, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds, and bran.

If the disease is running, then stop it possible only with the help of surgery. Another extreme measure - prosthetic joints.Arthritis treatment applied and folk methods (e.g., ointments based on blue clay, mummy and juice mustard). Very helpful specially prepared herbal.

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