Waxing is a technology

To be beautiful and well-groomed is a natural desire of every woman. One of the components of this beauty is skin care with hair. Most women prefer waxing. This method is attractive because it is absolutely safe for health, and with each treatment, the hairs become thin and less and less visible.

It can be in the salon or at home. And yet, it would be better if the first procedure will hold a trained specialist. For independent hair removal you need to get a wax and essential tools, which includes tableware for wax, spatula for applying, workplay, tissue tape.

Wax for hair removal is of 3 types: solid hot, mild cold and low temperature warm. Treatment with hot wax look as follows: the wax is heated in volplane to a temperature of 80 degrees. But to start working with the material is possible only when its temperature will drop to 45 to 60 degrees. Until melted wax, beautician starts to prepare the skin for the procedure. The plot is treated with a special lotion that promotes disinfection. Also can be used for this and chlorhexidine. Then the skin is treated with talc to prevent sweating for some time. These tricks allow the wax to go smoothly, not missing a single hair.

Not to accidentally burn yourself, the wax is first applied to the wrist. If the temperature is suitable, you can proceed to the next step: applying wax to the surface. This should be done only for the growth of hair and using a wooden spatula. After 3 seconds it exchange device is attached fingers and falls against the hair growth. Do not be afraid if after a few hairs still remained - they are easy to remove with tweezers. Then the surface of the body again treated with chlorhexidine and talc, which will finally remove the wax residue. At home, every time after shower skin should also be cleaned with chlorhexidine. Best suited to handle the bikini area and underarms.

Warm wax is better to use for hair removal on the legs, arms, back, abdomen. The wax is placed in vecoplan and heated to 40-50 degrees. It is applied on the treated skin to the top, you could put a strip of special paper. Then, hold the skin with one hand, breaks the tape. The same place to handle twice in no event it is impossible.

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The easiest way to work with strips of cold wax. It gets hot in my hands, removed the protective film and the wax side is applied to the prepared surface of the skin. To hold all the hairs, you need to iron the strip, and then to break against the hair growth. It can be used for hair removal on any part of the body, but the effectiveness of it is clearly inferior to the hot and warm.

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