Watermelon juice - assistant to the athletes

Any person engaged in the sport are constantly faced with the pain in the muscles. The most frequent cause is the accumulation of lactic acid in the tissues. It breaks down to simpler substances, which are toxic to the nervous tissue, which causes pain.

L-citruline, which is found in watermelon can help athletes to experience such an unpleasant moment. It is this substance helps with the withdrawal of the acid from the muscle tissue, which will increase the duration of a comfortable workout and athletic performance.

In the chemical formula of the acid is nitric oxide, which has a vasodilator effect, reduces the pressure.

In order to confirm the beneficial properties of watermelon, scientists have conducted a number of studies: volunteers on the eve of training received juice from watermelon juice with added amino acid or placebo. The first two drinks really helped to deal with muscle pain, however, watermelon juice without additives digested better.

He helped develop nitric oxide, helping with the transport of glucose to the muscle tissue. According to scientists, watermelon juice is a great drink athlete, which helps the cardiovascular system and improves athletic performance.

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