Watermelon extract will help people with arterial hypertension

Interesting information published on the eve of the journalists at The Daily Mail. Scientists from the Florida University proved that the extract of watermelon helps obese people with high blood pressure. Heart attacks often reach patients in a period of low temperatures, since it increases the overall load on the entire body.

Professor Arturo Figaro proved that regular consumption of watermelon can reduce pressure. His theory has found evidence in the study involving 13 people with obesity. Volunteers with hypertension over the 12 weeks was observed and was prescribed a diet.

Each of the patients were asked to dip their hands into cold water to reduce body temperature. Next, the volunteers were given watermelon extract with a high content of grams of L-citrulline and two grams of L-arginine every day. The control group instead of the active substance received placebo. Then the groups were reversed.

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It turned out that the extract of watermelon really works for patients with arterial hypertension. Listed supplements can be taken as separate drugs. It is worth noting that some watermelons patient with arterial hypertension, do not get off - you need special medication.

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