Water treatment methods at home

Urban station water purification, as a rule, were built in the days when drinking water was only enough to bleach and disinfect. In the context of the current environmental situation of these methods is not enough, as they do not solve the problem of water treatment salts and heavy metals, the list of which includes strontium, lead, antimony, arsenic, mercury and others. The deterioration of water networks also does not contribute to improving the quality out of a faucet spout.

Methods of water treatment in the home include the following:

• the defending fluid;

• partial freezing:

• making homemade filters;

• the most reliable place to buy a water filter.

The defending fluid within six hours, removes volatile components from it and forms a precipitate heavy metals.

Partial freezing is such stages:

• conducted advocacy;

• water is poured into a container and put in the freezer;

• then, when the liquid half-frozen, she goes and ottaways.

Homemade filters are made of paper, fabric, wool, sponge or folded in 2-3 layers of cheesecloth.

More effective of these methods is a combination of several. For example, you can use a homemade filter and thawing. To use these methods will have to spend a lot of time, effort and patience. There is a more simple and reliable method of water purification in the home - buying filter.

The market offers a wide range of these devices, which differ in appearance, functionality, complexity of installation, etc.

The easiest option is to filter pitcher, which is accumulated water from the tap, a bit is asserted, is used. Thus, it is possible to purify small amounts of water. A special nozzle on the faucet flow type with a separate cleaning units significantly increase the amount of bypass fluid through them. It is convenient to use also the pressure device.

When choosing a filtration system, you should be aware that a simple carbon type removes all the harmful substances from the water, leaving useful and necessary to the body. Systems like reverse osmosis, yield practically distilled water, purified on a molecular level. In such liquid does not remain neither harmful nor useful substances.

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The choice of method of water purification is an individual solution, coming from the optimum ratio of price and quality. The main thing when filtering to remember that water should accommodate their natural qualities, the only way it can be useful to the body.

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