Water from the tap - can I drink?

The water flowing from the tap, it seems so pure and transparent that there is inevitably a temptation to use it for drinking. But should we do it? Before getting into the water system, the water is cleaned at special enterprises. But it is in the process of distribution network it again polluted with suspended solids, which gives it a turbidity. In water fall colloidal iron compounds, iron oxide bacteria, coloring it in a rusty color. The presence of chlorine in tap water and bleach tells her taste and smell.

But bookishly organic carbon dissolved externally have no issues, and problems with the immune system guarantees. That's probably why the distribution of the water supply network has acquired the apt title "the cancer of drinking water supply systems".

So how to solve the problem of clean drinking water, if boiling or defending doesn't get rid of impurities chlorine? The presence of this substance, provoking the emergence of tumors, even in such small quantities is dangerous, especially for Allergy sufferers.

Water purifiers in the room is the most reasonable solution to make the water not only safe, but also healthy for consumption. Anyone can solve the problem of drinking water at affordable level by purchasing a water filter.

Household water purifiers differ in structure and technical characteristics. The use of a water filter jug type that does not require special control - water alone passes through the sorbent and becomes relatively clean. At least, cleaner, connected to water, gives the best result. Both types of fixtures sin low productivity. To the inconvenience of the nozzle on the faucet also includes the need to constantly switch.

There are other ways of water purification systems. For example, water filter, mounted on the sink, attached to the crane by means of a flexible hose. He is far more performance than the model described above. A separate container for the previous water treatment is not required.

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The highest quality of cleaning is characterized by a stationary water filter is installed under the sink. Pure water is fed into the shell through a separate faucet. Of course, for its acquisition will require considerable financial investment, but a great performance and comfort in operation, plus unlimited resources of clean water is very convincing arguments in favor of his choice.

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