Water filters: what to look for when choosing

The fact that tap water is harmful for our body, you know, perhaps, everything. However, many still day-to-day drink water from the tap, not thinking about the fact that the water pipes that supply water to our homes, there is a lot of rust, mildew, dirt, and other contaminants.

In homes and apartments purification of drinking water required, fortunately, now there are so many options filters to clean. But in spite of such a wide choice to buy the right is not so simple.

We will try to understand.

Jugs, nozzles on the jug, etc.

Perhaps the most important advantage of these water filters is a low price. For a few hundred rubles, you can buy a plastic jug, sometimes beautiful design, but still able to purify tap water.

These miniature filters usually have 2 stages of treatment. Water from the filter enters the cartridge with activated carbon, where the latter draws out some of the harmful substances and impurities.

The biggest minus of such devices: too small absorbent cartridges. The fact that activated carbon is capable of removing from the water "unnecessary" stuff 100%, but only when it is in contact with water for at least 10 minutes. In other words, this cartridge must pass 200 grams of water for 20 minutes. But, of course, this speed, hardly anyone satisfied. This means that this unit can not fully cope with the task.

And the life of such a filter is too small: from 300 to 500 liters. So absorbent cartridge will have to change monthly. These filters are best used for short trips out of town, when you have to drink water from wells, streams, etc.

Stationary filters

Perhaps the alternative to such filters have not yet been invented. Such devices are directly connected to the water pipe. Fix them, usually under the sink. Purified water flows through a special tube that is attached to a separate faucet. Fixed filters are usually large, and the resource can be up to 10 000 litres. Such a device also has good performance of water that can reach 3 liters per 60 seconds.

Fixed filters are divided into 2 main types:

- Passive multi

These filters are the most popular among buyers. These devices have several purification steps. Cartridge rough mechanical treatment is the first stage, he catches the larger particles of harmful impurities and flakes of rust.

Next comes the ion exchange cartridge - catches hardness salts, iron, metals and other compounds. Also, due to the small pore size such cartridges have the ability to arrest even some pathogenic bacteria.

On the last step, typically, is a fine cartridge cleaning, which is filled with activated charcoal. It settled any remaining small particles of contaminants.

These filters allow you to achieve a good degree of purification. However, despite all the positive side, there is one negative: in cartridges cartridges are often delayed some viruses and bacteria that when ingested in comfortable conditions, begin active reproduction. In this case, the purified water is much worse than water.

- Devices for reverse osmosis water treatment

Today, these devices are considered to be the best. The cost varies between 4 000-8 000 rubles. By the way, almost all the drinking water we buy in the stores received Celestica filters. Of course, it then added the necessary salts and trace elements.

The principle of operation of such a filter is that the water using a special pump passes through a membrane that has pores of very small size. Through the tiniest holes can pass only water molecules. As the size of the molecules dirty impurities much more they settle. Thus we obtain purified water, similar to distilled. And pollutants that do not pass the membrane holes washes into the sewer pipe.

Yes, it is, perhaps, the most perfect water, but there is a significant minus: we get water in which there is practically no salts, which are so necessary and useful to the human body. Although, of course, in such water, add a little salt. This will improve its quality and will return the "right" part.

By the way, some producers have made the devices reverse osmosis with a mineralizer, which in the composition of the purified water are essential minerals and salt.

So, what to look for when choosing a filter?

- The greater the number of degrees of purification filter has, the better.

- The size of the device and cartridge.

The purpose of the filter on water quality.

Before buying a water filter to do the analysis. So you'll just know what to clean.

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- The cost of the filter.

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