Water and fruit will guarantee the birth of a child in time

The risk of premature birth can be reduced by eating more fruits and liquids, according to the publication Periscope Post. Useful for pregnant vegetables and whole grains. Vegetable oil and poultry meat also increases the chance that a child born at term and will be conveyed.

Nothing new in the received information is not, however, a large number of pregnant women forget about the basics of healthy eating. Potatoes, vegetables and fish for a couple of improve during pregnancy. With such information were made by scientists from Norway, Iceland and Sweden. Data were collected in the study, 66 thousand pregnant women. About five percent of them were resolved early.

Enrichment of the diet with fiber, lots of fruits and vegetables, fish and cereals, proper handling products reduces the risk of premature birth on average by 10%. Remember about individual intolerance products. When allergic reactions and the signs of intoxication, you should contact the doctor immediately and stop taking this product.

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