Water aerobics will help patients with arterial hypertension

Scientists from the University of são Paulo found that water aerobics in warm water helps people with resistant arterial hypertension to improve their condition. Information shared in the publication the Daily Mail. Interestingly, studies in warm water work when standard drug therapy does not provide the desired effect.

As proof of their theory, the researchers conducted a study involving 32 people with resistant arterial hypertension in the figures above 140/90.

Half of the patients systematically worked out in the pool with water heated to 32 degrees. The second group was the control. Note, all patients continued to take medication. Sessions lasted about an hour.

After 12 weeks, scientists have registered a decrease in pressure in the first group on 36/12 mm. Even small progress can significantly improve the quality of life of patients with arterial hypertension and the mentioned indicator is really worth mentioning.

It is likely that all matter in the water temperature and the special method of training. Water aerobics is an excellent addition to traditional therapy, scientists say. A sport improves the human condition and prolong his life.

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