Want to lose weight - swallow silicone ball

Built in a tiny capsule bulb , which should be swallowed - this new radical method of treatment of obesity, proposed one of the firms of San Diego. This bulb fills the stomach, making the brain think that the stomach is full and people fed. So suppress the feeling of hunger in people who want to lose weight.

Silicone ball is packaged in a gelatin capsule, which dissolves in the stomach after swallowing a couple of minutes. Then he pumped the air with the doctor on the long tube with the help attached to the ball thread, the other end of which remains in the patient's mouth. Through the tube into the bulb pumped the air , until it will swell to the size of a hamburger. Then the tube is removed and the hole in the ball closecoupled.

On inflating the balloon goes five minutes without taking a sedative or anesthetic. A new method of treatment of obesity is already approved in the UK and will be available in extensive use in a year. Although balloons in the stomach is already used for the treatment of obesity, linked to a number of problems, because previously they were introduced surgically. Also, in order to move a ball through the esophagus into the stomach needed endoscope, which led to unpleasant urge the patient, vomiting, nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea in the first few days after the procedure due to irritation of the esophagus and stomach.

After a treatment period is entered miniature probe, which pumps air out of the ball. The extraction procedure of the ball in their stomach also takes only 10 minutes.

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