Want to improve your memory? Stop Smoking!

A new study by researchers from the English of Northumbria University came to the conclusion that quitting Smoking greatly enhances the memory. In the study participated smokers and those who quit this habit, zavazava scored 25 percent higher than those who smoke. The highest results showed those who had never smoked by 37 percent better than smokers.

Quitting Smoking gives huge advantages for the body, but new studies show improvement in cognitive function with Smoking cessation.

Previous studies have shown that Smoking cessation improves retrospective memory, which is important for obtaining new information and remembering at the right time.

The new study measured the prospective memory, i.e. the ability to remember to perform actions in the future tense, that is, to buy milk after work or to take a daily pill.

It remains unclear how Smoking affects cognitive functions, but researchers believe that it corrupts memory-related brain area.

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