Walnuts reduce women's risk of developing diabetes

Eating walnuts every week two or three times decreases by 24 percent the risk of type II diabetes. To this opinion reached by scientists from the Harvard school of public health in Boston as a result of large-scale studies. The study involved 140 000 American women aged 35 years. As it turned out, the use of small amounts of walnuts can protect against the occurrence of diabetes - the disease, the incidence of which threatens to escalate into a real epidemic, writes The Telegraph.

From type II diabetes affects almost 90 percent of all patients with diabetes, and he often become exposed to people older than forty years. This disease is in most cases correlated with obesity. As shown by the analysis of the results of the study, those women who ate two times a week for 28 grams of nuts, 24% had less prone to the occurrence of type II diabetes compared with those who ate fewer walnuts or did not use them at all. Use once a week such a large number of nuts reduced the risk of diabetes by 13 percent, and 1-3 times a month - just 4 percent.

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A similar effect of walnuts scientists determine the content of fatty acids that can reduce inflammation in the human body, and also this protects against the occurrence of such diseases as cancer, arthritis and cardiovascular disease. Conducted last year by experts from the University of California study revealed a positive effect of walnuts on male fertility. It turned out that young people under the age of 30 years, who ate every day walnuts, thereby improving the quality of their sperm, increasing the number of sperm.

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