Walnuts help the body with toxins

Scientists have found that the useful properties of walnuts are not only in high energy value, but also in the content of substances that strengthen the walls of blood vessels. In addition, reports "RIA Novosti", the introduction of walnuts in the daily diet has an effect on excess weight: such people it is easier to deal with excess weight. Nutrients are the vitamins that successfully help with the excretion of toxic substances. Dr. David Katz of the Research center Griffinmore hospital believes that daily consumption of walnuts will significantly improve the body.

A study was conducted, which was attended by 46 people with a high body mass index (BMI over 25, which corresponds to obesity). All subjects suffered from excessive body weight, had great coverage of the waist, while none of them did not smoke and did not consume significant amounts of alcohol. Most was forecast for the development of diabetes type II, associated with obesity and metabolic disorders. In addition, the subjects in the majority have suffered from diseases of the cardiovascular system.

For the study was set up two groups. The first group was the control and was able to eat anything for two months. The second group each day consume 56 grams of walnuts. Scientists say that the second group began changes associated with restoration of the structure of the vascular endothelium (inner, thin shell, which is the barrier between the blood and the smooth muscle fibers of blood vessels) While none of the second group was not observed weight gain: he either remained at the same strap or decreased in the excretion of toxins and restore liver function.

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