Walking has a positive effect on human performance

If people are not able to solve their problems, it is necessary to digress a bit. Turn off the phone and computer, you can stroll and enjoy the fresh air. Studies have shown that outdoor recreation contributes to mental alertness and increases it by 50%, informs The Daily Mail. If people will stay away from civilization, he will be able to cope with creative tests. Professor at the University of Utah, David Strayer, declares that the weekend is very important in modern life.

Most of the people he spends all his free time in front of the monitor TV. Thus, a person may increase the risk of heart disease. Testing was attended by 54 volunteer their average age is 30 years. Within six days they were in the fresh air without any means of communications. Eventually this way of life has affected their mental abilities. Testing was conducted at the beginning of the experiment and at the end. Progress was between 6.08 points against 4,14, which were initially.

Scientists could not explain how did you improve. Perhaps triggered by the fact that the test was in the fresh air, or they simply did not use the technique. Although the role of both factors, is not excluded.

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