Walking barefoot strengthens the feet – the scientists

Walking barefoot is not only an excellent way of hardening. It strengthens muscles, aligns your posture, improves balance and protects the foot from age-related diseases. Scientists have proven that people who walk home without shoes have healthier feet. It is reported by DNA India.

Shoes which comfortable if she was not, slows down the blood flow in the feet. No pair of shoes is not intended to stay in it for one whole day. At particular risk to disease of the legs – women wearing shoes with high heels.

Specialists do not recommend to wear sport shoes with a very soft and shock absorbing sole. Once accustomed, your leg muscles will cease to withstand the normal loads that increase the risk of injury.

Walking barefoot, scientists believe, is one of the few ways to restore the health of the feet. In summer you can walk barefoot on the grass, small stones and sand. In winter, you can train at home using special paths with a corrugated surface.

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