Walk at least three hours to reduce the risk of stroke in women

Spanish researchers found that those women who walk at least 3 hours per week, less prone to stroke than women who walk less than this number of hours, or not go at all. According to them, women who commit Hiking not less than 210 minutes per week, the risk of stroke is lower than inactive women.

During the study, were interviewed about 33 thousand men and women about their physical activity. Then, the obtained data were divided into several groups, which were classified according to gender, type of exercise and the total amount of time that was spent in physical activity during the week.

For 12 years of the study, there were 442 cases of stroke among respondents. In women who were healthy lifestyle and a lot of movement, stroke occurred in 43% of cases less than men and women who were not physically active or paid activity insufficient amount of time.

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