Waist affects health

Not always normal index body mass index is a guarantee of good health. Researchers have shown that a large waist increases the risk of respiratory diseases, heart disease and cancer, reports The Times of India.

Research has shown that waist measurement is greater than 100 cm in men increased the risk of sudden death in half when compared with men with a waist size up to 89 centimeters. Large bellies reduced the life expectancy of three years after forty years. The increased risk of death in women was observed indicators waist more than 93 inches. Women's lives were reduced from an average of five years.

Scientists have made a linear dependence. It turned out that the extra 5 inches in the waist increases the risk of death by 9% in women and 7% for men. Interestingly, the data refer even to those with normal body mass index. Experts believe this figure is too vague, as it does not assess the condition of the subcutaneous fat and muscles.

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