VTSIOM conducted a new survey about donation in Russia

All-Russian center for public opinion research conducted a sociological survey to determine the number of donors in Russia, as well as their motivation to donate blood. As it turned out, over the last few years, the number of donors in the country has increased in 2 times. Many of them give blood for the sole purpose of humanism.

38 percent of Russians today have the experience of blood donation. Compared with the 2008 first year, the number of regular blood of the citizens of the country increased from 8 percent to 14-and. Often donors have become residents of medium-sized cities (41%), male (42%) aged 45 years(46%).

The desire to become a donor among Russians also increased compared with the same 2008 nd. If five years ago the donors wanted to be 20 percent of respondents, while today that number has increased to 26%. Especially great was the desire of the young: 43 percent of youth in the age group 18-24 years reported their desire to become donors, compared with 38 percent of young people in the 2008th year. The number of respondents who do not want to try yourself in the field of donation, on the contrary, decreased in comparison with 2008 first with 70% to 59%.

57 percent of people who are already donors or want to be, believe that the donation is a noble cause, but their motivation is solely in the desire to help other people. 5 percent of respondents admitted that blood on someone's request, as many respondents gave their blood relatives, 4% give blood in order to have additional income, and 3 percent are doing it for the benefit of their own health.

As for those people who are not donors or don't want to become them, explain their position: 35% health, and 22 percent due to age. 8 percent of respondents admitted that fear of pain, blood and syringes. 6% are afraid to be infected during blood donation, and 3% to be afraid of damaging their health.

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