Voice plays a key role in hiring

Scientists from the University of Chicago conducted an experiment with students. Volunteers offered in writing to report himself to the representatives of large companies for employment. Then each participant in the study did the same thing verbally, writes Psych Central.

All stages of the experiment was recorded on camera. Evaluated students several groups of specialists. The first group listened to an oral summary of the volunteers, second only voice recording, and the third was considered a written application to work. A group of students who heard the voice of candidates, believed these people more successful than others. Interestingly, a large difference in the degree of attractiveness for the employer between people, sending only his voice, and volunteers with a video message to the heads was observed.

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In the second phase of the study, the researchers noted: students independently zachityvalsya your resume, had less success when applying for a job than a person, a summary of which was read by a professional actor. Based on this data it was determined that the voice plays a key role in finding a new job.

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