Vodka is one of the major causes of death in Russia

Such sad statistics has published the journal The Lancet, a prestigious medical journal. Member-correspondent of the Russian Academy of medical Sciences David Zaridze compares the mortality rates of up to 55 years in Britain and Russia. Every fourth man doesn't live up to 55 years, whereas in Britain the figure is 7%.

The relationship of early mortality with the use of vodka was established through the analysis of several studies. Just been posted more than 200 thousand surveys of residents of the cities of Siberia (Tomsk, Biysk, Barnaul). 12 thousand people were interviewed several times during the research.

The study took place over ten years. Of the 151 thousand people during this period were killed 8 thousand. The main reasons were Smoking and alcohol.

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The risk of death is significantly increased in people who are prone to alcoholism. Three bottles of vodka a week does not increase the risk to live up to 55 years at 35%, one bottle of alcohol by 20%. With increasing age and the interest is growing.

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