The Russian President drew attention to the pricing policy of pharmaceutical companies. Additional subsidies should stop the growth of drug prices from the lower price segment. Note, in the last two years, many cheap medications went up by 30-50%.

"I don't think the shelves are only expensive imported drugs, and some want, by the way, that they were there. There is domestic production of medicines. Indeed, there is a certain reduction of domestic cheap drugs, somewhere in the 2.5%, but this reduction by name. And according to the chemical formula of the cuts-no appear the counterparts. This part of cheap products, especially if it is in the vital drugs are regulated by the state. And in today's environment, when lost income of the citizens of our country, the government began to curb rising prices". says the problem is Putin.

Statistics say the following: in average, the prices of essential medicines grew by almost 10%, cheap medicines up to 50 roubles – 16%. Producers buy raw materials from abroad, thus lack of such growth. As a result cheap drugs disappear from the shelves of pharmacies, in their place coming expensive counterparts.

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