Vitiligo: clinical course, treatment vitiligo

Vitiligo is a disease characterized by the appearance of skin spots white. We are talking about areas that are devoid of melanin. Another, called vitiligo depigmentation. Remember that this disease is not only a cosmetic defect, but also a reminder of the serious irregularities in the body.

In our time, the reasons for the development of vitiligo is not fully understood. However, it is proved that the appearance of this pathological condition is associated with the following factors:

1. Hormonal disorders (disorders of the thyroid, pituitary and other).

2. Disorders of the autonomic nervous system.

3. Autoimmune body.

4. Genetic predisposition.

The development of vitiligo can be caused by stress, previous infections, intoxication, injury of a physical nature. Many patients revealed impaired metabolism of vitamins and essential trace elements. Recently wide spread autoimmune theory of the origin of vitiligo.

As a rule, vitiligo is characterized by a chronic course. At the beginning of the disease on the skin appear pink or milky white spots. Then there is their gradual increase. Spots are clear and get an oval or rounded shape. When the expansion of the spots observed merging and the formation of large pockets. Pockets can be worn single or multiple in nature. Generally, as the localization of these lesions are exposed areas of the body.

In most cases, the lesions of vitiligo have a symmetrical arrangement. Often they are localized along the trunks of large nerves. In foci observed color change hair and pale, and the violation of sweat, sebaceous excretions and some reflexes. We are talking about vasomotor and reflex. As a result, there is a loss discolored skin's ability to react to different stimuli. Observed the formation of the so-called "goose paws".

The most pronounced degree of vitiligo is characterized by the discoloration of the leather. The emergence of subjective sensations is not typical. Typically, patients complain only a cosmetic defect. Sometimes spontaneous disappearance of separate spots. The progression of vitiligo may result in the appearance of foci of depigmentation on the areas that are exposed to trauma, friction and pressure.

In the formulation of the diagnosis takes into account the clinical picture of the disease. As a rule, due to the characteristic clinical manifestations, it is not a problem. It should be noted that the treatment of vitiligo should be comprehensive in nature.

This disease is a very difficult problem for specialists dermatologists. This is due to the lack of a clear treatment plan, despite the fact that in our time there are many new approaches. Used drugs, which increase skin sensitivity to UV light. Then the skin is irradiated with ultraviolet rays.

Remember that to fully cure vitiligo without a fight with concomitant diseases is impossible. Depigmentation is the so-called skin tone internal diseases.

Signs of vitiligo is the reason to see a doctor. When describing their complaints should focus not only on skin manifestations, but also other symptoms that skin is not connected. This is because the cause discoloration of the skin may be of any other pathological changes in the body.

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