Vitamins reduce the negative effect of Smoking produced by children

It is known that Smoking, especially during pregnancy, is not the best idea. Nicotine and tar affect the health of the child. Hardest-hit respiratory system, writes The Times of India.However, not all women quit Smoking during pregnancy. In this case, partly to help vitamin C, which improves lung function, reduces wheezing in children of smokers.

Vitamin C is an affordable way to improve the functioning of the respiratory system in children. In some cases, you can avoid hospitalization associated with pathology of the lungs, respiratory tract infections, asthma.

The study was able to prove that vitamin C blocked the effect of nicotine on the fetus. Effective dose, according to scientists, is 500 mg. Volunteers received either vitamin C or placebo. Children born to Smoking mothers who took vitamin C, rarely had problems with the respiratory system.

Note that vitamin C is not output when Smoking during pregnancy. A much more pronounced effect will be giving up bad habits during the six months before conception until the end of breastfeeding.

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