"Vitamins for thick beards" are gaining popularity in the West

On the Western market received additive Beardilizer. The remedy stimulates the growth of a beard, writes The Daily Mail. The active ingredients help to increase the number of follicles and fast hair growth. In the end, the producer says, forming a thick beard, which is now in Vogue.

The composition tool includes a blend of vitamins and minerals. You need to take three capsules per day. The course ranges from one to six months. In fact, Beardilizer - typical biological additive, however, with a fairly original orientation.

Today in the capsule Supplement contains vitamin C, Biotin, MSM, vitamin A. the Set of connections enhances the production of collagen, improves hair health, stimulates the synthesis of the protein keratin, which is important for hair growth.

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Many quality beard will depend on the genes and predisposition. Vitamin Supplement can certainly help, but will not have much impact if the beard is not initially grows. Although 6 months of receiving the bad, says Lauren Cohen, author of development, changes must occur almost everyone.

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